Forestry and Forest Products Research Centre

Chemistry Services


The following instruments are used in the chemistry laboratories at ffp :

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatograph
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Size Exclusion Chromatograph with Light Scattering, Refractive Index and UV/Visible detectors
  • UV/Visible Spectrometer

Tests Conducted at ffp Chemistry Laboratory:

  • Determination of cellulose in wood
  • Carbohydrate Composition of Extractive-free wood and wood pulp by HPLC
  • Permanganate number (K number)
  • Determination of alkali solubility of pulp (S18 & S10)
  • Copper number
  • Solvent extractives of wood
  • Viscosity measurement of pulp, preparation of cuprammonium solution
  • Water soluble extractives
  • Kappa number of pulp
  • Analysis of black liquor
  • Determination of Acid-Insoluble lignin in wood and pulp
  • Determination of Acid-Soluble lignin in wood and pulp
  • S/G Ratio Analysis of Lignin

For more information on Wood Properties, please contact Navan Gounden.